The R&J Method


Assembling Your Team

Our estimating department uses our company’s more than 27 years of experience to assemble and manage the best team for your project. We carefully explain your project’s details, advocate quality and efficiency and listen intently to ensure everyone has the right information and expectations. We are flexible to use in-house expert craftsmen or sub-out certain trades to our quality trade partners depending on the right match for your unique project requirements.

Project Evaluation

Our experience is your peace of mind. We provide all project due diligence, site analysis, soil review recommendations, design services recommendations, preliminary construction budgets and value engineering to make it all possible.

Design and Plans

We can begin working together at any stage—whether you have a full set of plans or are just getting started. We create initial concept sketches, permit plans, architectural details, and interior elevations for many of our clients. We also work with existing plans from Architects and Designers or can refer you to our trusted network of professionals. We work side by side with the best in the business including specialty experts in solar, security, and landscape design—you’ll be thrilled with our resources and referrals. R&J also designs custom cabinets and furniture and has collaborated to create hundreds of unique pieces currently enjoyed by our clients.

Budgets and Schedules

Before the project starts, we provide a detailed construction budget, scope of work, critical path construction schedule and a decision list outlining any open items. This detail becomes the master plan for your project. Together we use it to manage critical path milestones and keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Value Engineering

We are experts at engineering value into projects. Simple tweaks, material substitutions or subtle design alterations often make a big difference in cost—sometimes big enough to find room in the budget for fun things like home automation, remote lighting controls or integrated speakers to enjoy your playlist from every room.

Using our deep knowledge of design and structural alternatives, we work closely with project Designers and Engineers to provide a menu of cost saving considerations so you get the most from your investment.

Permits and Compliance

Once the design is established, we verify compliance for you with local planning department conditions of approval, and submit and shepherd the plans through the permitting maze. We know who to call and how to get things done—and we do this legwork to minimize the time between concept drawings and an approved building permit.


To begin construction, your project is assigned a Superintendent who manages your project and keeps you fully informed every step of the way. Your Superintendent is a master craftsman directing workflow from the project schedule, providing the first level of job site decision-making and managing all on-site crew and sub-contractors. Your Superintendent attends a weekly meeting at our corporate office to ensure open communication between all departments working to run your project smoothly. Our Superintendents are connected with tablets and cell phones to be accessible to you and manage your project efficiently.

Safety and Compliance

Nothing is more important than the safety of the many talented people working together to make your dreams a reality. We implement job site and trade safety for each project, conduct regular safety meetings and training to provide consistent worksite safety and we commission an annual third party review of our safety systems and procedures. Comprehensive written safety guidelines provide a blueprint for worksite safety and we require all sub-contractors to agree to and follow our safety protocols.

Maintenance and Modernizations

Peace of mind comes from knowing we continue our relationship after project completion to follow through as needed on our warranty commitment. We create a customized warranty binder for you including manuals for any products installed and instructions for product service and home warranty.

Also, once your project is completed, in addition to contacting us for normal upkeep like repainting, floor refinishing and light bulb changing, you may think of something new you’d like to create together—whether it’s modernizing a bathroom or building a new addition.